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Whether you are a single store operator or multi-location chain, DPM offers restaurant POS systems that help optimize inventory and enhance customer service in order to maximize profits.

We provide Focus POS software, with features that include…
  • Sales & Marketing, including modifier, real-time menu changes, and offline credit card processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Table Management
  • Enhanced Security, including fingerprint control, restricted error corrects, and sales accountability
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Detailed Reporting, which can be broken down for individual revenue centers
  • MyFocus Mobile
  • MyFocus Central
  • MyFocus Loyalty & Gift Card Programs
  • Mobile POS
  • Online Ordering

DPM offers POS solutions for any industry including:

1. Table Service:

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Focus Table Service can help you increase profits, control labor costs and training time, and operate more efficiently with features such as Table Management, Inventory Control, Reporting, Labor Scheduling, Gift Cards and MyFocus Web Suite of products.

Table Service-specific features include:

  • Split checks
  • Multi-check dashboard
  • Hold and fire menu items and split/unsplit items
  • Real-time server contests
  • Printer rerouting and delay print

2. Quick Service:

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Focus Quick Service’s intelligent interface helps your employees work more quickly and efficiently, streamlining the order process. The burden of training new employees in this high-turnover-rate industry will be minimized with this easy to learn system that includes suggestive selling and conversational ordering. Up to 150 buttons can be displayed to maximize the speed of service, and integrated credit card and gift card processing eliminate the need to use a separate machine when using Internet-based processors.

Quick Service-specific features include:

  • Customer and kitchen displays
  • One behind ordering and drive-thru automatic order retrieval
  • Blind checkouts
  • Printer rerouting
  • Production reports and real-time labor percentages

3. Bars & Nightclubs:

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Focus’s Bar POS, is designed to minimize the touches necessary to place an order with the quick Focus Fast Bar Screen, which can mean better customer services and improved profits. To start a tab, bartenders only need to swipe a credit card or enter the customer’s name. Up to 64 tabs can be displayed alphabetically on the Tab List Screen. Bar POS can also provide a recipe of infrequent drink orders — bartenders can simply look up the pre-defined recipe with a touch of a button.

Optional modules such as Age Verification, Gift Card Interface, Delivery, Scheduling and Inventory Control can help you maximize profits, improve customer service, and reduce training time.

Bar and Nightclub specific features include:

  • Hidden subtotals
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Repeat rounds
  • Timed rates (pool table timers)
  • Simultaneous multiple user logins
  • Evenly split checks
  • Blind checkouts
  • Printer rerouting
  • Table management and real-time labor percentages

4. Delivery:

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Focus Delivery helps you operate more efficiently and profitably. Integrated Caller ID facilitates customer lookup, and once a customer is found, previous orders can be reordered to make order taking quicker. The online mapping interface allows you to define delivery zones and helps drivers make on-time deliveries.

Optional modules such as High Speed Credit Card Interface, Driver Dispatch, Gift Card Interface, House Accounts, Property Management, Scheduling and Inventory Control can help you minimize training time, improve the customer experience and maximize profits.

Delivery-specific features include:

  • Delay print
  • Driver management
  • Chase printing
  • Quick driver cash out
  • Remote and scanned receipt checks
  • Real-time labor percentages

5. Fast Casual:

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Focus’ Fast Casual POS software enables you to provide efficient customer service and enhance diners’ experiences. The solution decreases the time needed to take an order, helps you track inventory, reduces labor costs, maximizes your kitchen’s performance, and gets the most out of your marketing efforts.

Fast Casual specific features include:

  • Conversational Modifiers
  • Custom menus and screens
  • Seamless combo functions
  • Customer facing displays that help with suggestive selling
  • Kitchen Video Systems
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • In depth reporting and auditing
  • Customer order recall
  • Real-time labor percentages

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