Eliminate kitchen printers with a QSR Automation Kitchen Display System

As the worldwide leader in kitchen automation technology, QSR Automation brings a dynamic and flexible POS solution to the demanding and busy hospitality sector. QSR enhances productivity to busy kitchen staff, resulting in higher profits. When meals are ordered, restaurant chefs can view the order on kitchen screens and determine which food items to focus on, taking into consideration prep times of each so all items for a table complete at the same time. All front of house staff have access to real time production information. Corporate management can capture analytical data on food preparation to further improve restaurant kitchen times.

Features and Benefits

  • Routing and display options for every item and every order, all fully customizable
  • Fully graphical clients
  • Tabbed views ensure that a single screen can be used to view and manage multiple kitchen stations
  • Web-based access allows any web-based information to be viewed on the kitchen stations
  • Real-time production data is tracked and can be viewed at each kitchen station for immediate action
  • Historical information is captured for comprehensive analysis to fully evaluate kitchen efficiency
  • Reduce table tickets
  • Improve food quality
  • Seamless integration with QSR’s recipe viewer, TeamAssist