Vern Swedin


“Technology can be really challenging for business owners with multiple and conflicting solutions clamoring for their attention. I really enjoy making business fun by bringing a message of simplicity, with good humor.” …

With a successful career over decades building multi-national businesses around the globe, Vern exclaims, “It’s good to be home,” as he reflects on settling in as DPM’s new President. While considering options, Vern met Tom Skelley, founder of DPM and became intrigued with the unique alignment between his own background and DPM’s position and potential.

“Experiencing the DPM Team first, through Tom’s eyes immediately distinguished them as the kind of knowledgeable, caring team I wanted to lead. I’m excited to bring my background in distribution, software development, electronic resource planning (E.R.P.) and the hospitality market, to help build DPM’s future.”

Asked what has surprised him most about working with the DPM Team, Vern is quick to share “…their absolute willingness to see things differently, remaining flexible and empathetic with those they serve!”

Outside of DPM, Vern likes golf, fishing and writing and singing music.

“I want others to know that “DPM doesn’t just sell POS systems, we sell restaurant business software and technology services. I love the simplicity our customers can experience through the trifecta of state-of-the-art hardware, software solutions and dedicated, caring service.”

Jennifer Kalal-01
Jen Kalal
Administrative Lead


“I love making people happy!”

Jennifer joined the DPM Team in 2011, bringing customer service and leadership experience from both manufacturing and retail sales environments…

She enjoys the family atmosphere and high-trust respect shared within the DPM Team and with customers. When asked what she likes most about her job, Jennifer quickly responds with “I love making people happy! And the DPM Team and customer base is like a family; through the good times and challenges, we all enjoy making each other’s lives better.” The perfect weekend away for Jennifer would involve shopping, creative cooking, and wine tasting.

Jonathan Arjes-01

Jonathan Arjes
Creative Lead


“We know technology has to be fast & functional. But I’m excited to deliver a user-friendliness that’s not only more efficient – it’s FUN!”

Jonathan is a design-enthusiast and ex-bartender…

As DPM expands, adding markets and building effective support, his broad experience brings exceptional multi-faceted talent to our team. Jonathan has hit the ground running, managing DPM’s brand and digital content, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality media assets to support their new systems. Tech-savvy and people-friendly, he’s got that rare balance that will bring welcomed, credible care to current clients and new customers.

He’s an avid whisky fan, movie buff, and traveler. You can often find him sipping a large cup of MN-brewed coffee while catching up on an episode of Shark Tank.


Al Boche-01
Al Boche
Service Manager


“My enthusiasm for DPM stems from two things: the great team and the great product line.”

In 1984, Al joined founder Tom Skelley who was in his 2nd year of business with…

DPM. When asked about his long tenure, Al reflects on those early days: “It was Tom and me and an old blue Plymouth Valiant. Tom did sales and I did service. ” It’s clear that this original team of two, back in the “cash registers era,” built this company around hard work and core values of customer focus, 24/7 customized service and longevity in customer relationships.

Through the years, Al has also participated heavily in community volunteer service projects. As Lions’ Club President and President/CEO of his local Athletic Association, Al was instrumental in vital projects like food baskets and eyeglasses to those in need, seeing eye dog provision, building and running a very successful fundraising Bingo Hall, and even helped raise funds to purchase a fire truck for a local fire station.

Al loves the daily variety involved in DPM’s service to customers. “…Every restaurant is unique. Rarely do two days look alike. I enjoy bringing my “real-time-in-the-industry”

experience to help restaurateurs manage their businesses in the easiest and most efficient way possible … Every one of them has potential and we are here to help them maximize it!”

Bill McGinnity-01
Bill McGinnity
Services Lead, Senior Project Mgr.


“The restaurant industry is tough… and I love helping them sort it out and delivering timely, ‘extra-mile’ service.”

Eight years with a large restaurant…

gave Bill first-hand management experience, a love for the hospitality industry and in-depth understanding of the specific needs of Restaurateurs. Knowing firsthand as a manager, the sometimes-urgent nature of industry issues and the importance of relational strength with customers, Bill brings keen perception and dedicated “whatever-it-takes” service to DPM hospitality customers. Bill loves the “ever- changing nature of technology” as it brings new and exciting opportunities to help customers build leading-edge hospitality establishments.

The word “interesting” under-states Bill’s life. Outside of DPM, Bill’s passion
for competitive excellence and love for sports and the outdoors has found him
on the golf course, in competitive biking and even competing in the World Softball Tournament. While living in New Zealand he worked as a tour guide in a haunted prison and actually climbed Mt. Ngauruhoe (known to J.R.R.Tolkien fans as Middle Earth’s “Mt. Doom.”)
About working with the DPM Team, Bill is quick to share: “I love the inter-dependence, family feel, and dedication of the DPM Team to each and every customer.

Jay Harms-01
Jay Harms
I.T. Lead


“If non-customers could see what
our customers see, they would want to be part of this dedicated, supportive family.”

In 2001, Jay finished training…

at Brown Institute in search of a small family
company where he could launch and grow his career. Fifteen years later, he
reflects on being part of a “…highly skilled, highly effective team who is totally
committed to timely customer satisfaction; ” Jay enjoys the challenge and
variety of understanding customers’ unique needs and developing customized
systems, products and solutions that fit. Words like “trust,” “commitment,”
“excellence,” “fair,” surface, as Jay describes DPM Team values.

He smiles as
he describes the weekend wedding day of two team members, when a
customer’s server went down. Jay and DPM Founder/Owner Tom Skelley
scrambled to solve the customer’s on-site issue and still made it back in time
for the wedding. In Jay’s words: “I love opportunities to be ‘the answer man’ in
solving hard challenges for customers.”