Focus’ Mobile POS solutions bring the robust functionality and rock solid reliability that has made Focus an industry leader to smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices.

With Mobile POS, you can broaden your horizons by making sales outside your restaurant at trade shows, food trucks, outdoor seating areas, or even line busting. By bringing Focus Mobile to where your customers are, you can increase your restaurant’s productivity and profits.

If you are ready to start saving time and money while still giving your customers the service they are accustomed to then please call today to take a closer look at our Mobile Solution.

Mobile POS specific features include

  • Employees can be trained quickly
  • Custom menu layouts
  • Packaged commands
  • Additional sale suggestions
  • High-speed credit card processing
  • Inventory and sales reports
  • Employee hour management
  • Email and text message alerts
  • Reusable schedules and templates
  • Enterprise reporting

Interface Screenshots:

MyFocus Mobile:


Stay in the know…when on the go.

The myFocus Mobile allows owners and managers to view vital real time data from the restaurant wherever they are. Whether at home or traveling, you will have access to the activity happening at your restaurant at your fingertips.



  • Net Sales
  • Labor Costs
  • Check Averages
  • Sales by Periods
  • Tracking Items
  • Sales by Order Type


  • Overtime Warnings
  • Individual Warnings
  • Employees on the Clock
  • Employees by Job
  • Individual Employees


  • Current Date
  • Business Date
  • Last Batch Information
  • Printer Status
  • Credit Card Status
  • VIP Pricing Status

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Interface Screenshots:


Not only is a loyalty program a great way for you to reward your already loyal customers, it can also attract new guests to becoming a frequent patron

myFocus Loyalty offers cloud storage capabilities, multi-store processing, card or cardless accounts, social media integration, promotional coupons, e-mail blasts and text based marketing.
Entice your customers to come to YOUR restaurant with email marketing campaigns and incentives and boost revenue. myFocus Loyalty allows you to easily create and email to your marketing list within minutes. You can customize marketing efforts by specifying the market you are targeting by age, gender, last visit, current point balance, just to name a few.

Case Examples:

  • Email blast all females age 25-35 advertising your upcoming 90’s themed Ladies Night
  • Email blast all members who have not visited in the last 30 days a “We miss you”  email offering a FREE appetizer

myFocus also automatically sends your loyalty members your predesigned email offering a coupon or discount for their birthday. Chances are they will bring their family and friends to celebrate their special day. Once their friends and family see how generous you are to your loyalty members, they’ll be eager to sign up!


  • Traditional Points per Item
  • Buy X Get 1 Free
  • Bonus Points Time Ranges
  • Customer Coupons


  • Sales Based Points
  • Gift Card Reload Option
  • Different Award Levels
  • Customer Coupons


  • Great for Beer Clubs
  • Encourages Ordering Variety
  • Trip Levels
  • Points Earned Upon Completion


  • Keep your customers in the know when they’re on the go. Focus offers custom-made mobile applications that allow customers access to information including to the status of their awards, account balances and transaction histories.


  • Put your restaurant on the map. Focus offers a custom Facebook plug-in that allows customers to register their account and check their balance straight from your restaurant page.


  • E-mail Blasts
  • Text Message Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing List

MyFocus Loyalty Screenshots:


Keep your customers coming back for more with the myFocus gift card program

Our cloud-based restaurant gift cards are compatible with single-unit restaurants and multi-unit chains. Gift cards are processed in real-time and may be used immediately after activation. Additionally, gift cards can also double as loyalty cards.


  • Single Store Processing
  • Chain Restaurant Processing
  • High Speed Authorizations
  • Re-loadable Gift Cards


  • Customers won’t have to keep asking you to check their balance at the register – they can view their balance anytime, anywhere.
  • Focus offers custom-made mobile applications and Facebook plug-ins allow them to check not only their card balance, but also their transaction history straight from their mobile device or home computer.